Thursday, October 27, 2011

How Parents Can Help Baby Sitters Deal With Kids Who Don't Want Baby Sitters!

Baby sitter wanted: parents want someone who is qualified, experienced and loves kids. If you have these traits, then great. But what can parents do if their kids despise the babysitter?
Resisting Authority

They can always say they don't like the sitter's hair or the way the babysitter dresses. The truth is, they just don't like anyone else "telling them what to do" besides their mum or dad. The reality is, kids will be kids.
The children need to feel emotionally secure around the babysitter. As parents, we can help them understand that the purpose of having a babysitter around is not to have someone to boss over them but to have someone to make sure they are safe. Another thing that parents can do is that they can also look for babysitters who have great rapport with kids. A baby sitter wanted should be a baby sitter who naturally loves kids.

Mature Baby Sitter Wanted

The demand for a mature baby sitter who can handle negative behaviors from children then can never be stressed too highly enough. One way of getting babysitters who are well-trained in child psychology is by joining parent support groups and online babysitting agencies.
Here are some tips that parents can give their babysitters:
  1. As long as the child is not doing anything to harm himself/herself during a tantrum, it is advisable to simply pretend to ignore the child. Eventually, he or she will stop is he or she is not getting the attention from the babysitter.
  2. Build rapport with the child. Take interest in his or her interest and engage him or her in an activity which he or she is interested in.
  3. Show a good example to the child and use positive reinforcement always. 
  4. A good baby sitter wanted should leave the household with encouraging and positive words to the child. You could share some exciting activities you plan to do with them next time.

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