Saturday, September 10, 2011

Thermal welding tonsillectomy method

Operations are often experienced in childhood is one of them is a tonsil removal operation, medical language is a Tonsillectomy, which carried out surgical techniques, meaning that operations are conducted by a doctor using a scalpel.

Well now there is good news for children and parents, because now there tonsil removal method without a scalpel.

This method is known as thermal welding tonsillectomy method, this technology has long existed in fact, developed in the United States since 1980.

Thermal welding tonsillectomy method can be equated with a special tool for tonsillectomy, the working principle of this tool is to use heat. Thermal welding tool will generate a finite heat at exactly the desired place and as a result of this heat will crumple tissue proteins.

The result can be used to remove tonsils that had clotted the cut and prevent bleeding at the same time, so of course can replace the scalpel used for tonsil surgery.

Thermal welding tonsillectomy advantages
This technology was developed with the aim to reduce pain after tonsil surgery is conventional, as well as to shorten the time of removal of tonsils, and once to minimize bleeding.

At the Operation of Thermal welding is used to remove Tonsils of the place will stick with this equipment TW bleeding and tissue trauma become very minimal.

Thermal welding tonsillectomy also was able to cut very accurately, so that only the tonsils are cut and the operation time is very short, because the doctors who have trained with these tools can complete TW Tonsil surgery in just 10 minutes.

Thermal welding tonsillectomy in children, a very short period of tonsillitis treatment, when all without constraints, children can go home after surgery. Recovery period is also shorter, and so far very rare post-operative bleeding was reported.

Operating costs tonsils with TW method compared with conventional techniques is not too much different, so that the thermal welding tonsillectomy can be an option for parents Child.

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