Thursday, September 1, 2011

Enhance immunity to prevent tonsillitis symptoms

Some people have a tendency to develop or Tonsillitis Inflammation of the tonsils. Those who have a tendency may have received advice from his doctor to remove tonsillitis. Or maybe you also feel pain every time the tonsils, doctors only prescribe antibiotics to overcome them.

Tonsillitis symptoms is actually an inflammation of the tonsils caused by a viral or bacterial infection. In general, children are frequently attacked by Tonsillitis caused by a virus, whereas in adults Tonsillitis caused by a bacterial infection. Poor diet and frequent eating foods low in protein can cause tonsillitis.

Probiotic supplements is necessary to replace the "good bacteria" especially if the antibiotic prescribed by your doctor. Good bacteria such as Lactobacillus NCFM, Lactobacillus LA5, and Bifid bacterium BB12 can help modulate your immune function. In addition to probiotic supplements, other supplements that may help overcome the Strep Tonsillitis is Allicin. Allicin can help boost the immune system by stimulating the cells, kill pathogens, and clean the carcinogen. Allicin is also capable of suppressing cell walls of microorganisms, damaging biochemical balance, disrupt their activities.

Consumption of vitamin C can also help you. Vitamin C can enhance the immune system response. If you feel sick cause of tonsillitis, gargle with salt water. Simply mix ½ teaspoon of salt with a glass of water and gargle three times a day to relieve swelling, do not forget to rest and drink plenty of water.

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