Thursday, August 18, 2011

Tonsillitis symptoms could affect children's intelligence

Do not underestimate tonsillitis in children, in bad conditions the effect can be very dangerous to health and affect the level of children's intelligence.

The size of the enlarged tonsils in children will worsen child sleep quality. Tonsil makes the supply of oxygen to the brain decreases.

If enlarged tonsils in children are causing respiratory problems. Children will often wake up to find a comfortable position for breathing. Despite 10 hours of sleep at night, sleep still is unqualified.

If you have a disruption in his sleep, the condition of the child’s body tends to be weak during the day. These conditions also make concentration difficult child to receive a lesson, which is the trigger of the intelligence of children declined.

Sleep disturbance due to tonsillitis in children can also inhibit the growth of children. This is because the problems experienced by the child stop breathing during sleep, can inhibit the production of growth hormone. Growth hormone is out while the child slept. However, if the child is often awakened during sleep, growth hormone can be disrupted.

Impaired growth hormone also has a secondary effect, which makes the child no appetite, vomiting easy. It makes perfect inadequate child nutrition which in turn also inhibits the growth and development.

Thyroid function is very useful as a blocker so that germs do not easily fit into the respiratory tract. But, if the tonsil problem, do get the appointment.

Condition the child's body should be in good health and fit and does not occurs contraindications. And do not worry, if the tonsils are removed, the function of the tonsils as a filter, the bacteria can be replaced with other organs around the throat.

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