Monday, August 22, 2011

How to maintain the tonsils to stay healthy

Not a few people who have raised thyroid because it was infected with the bacteria. For that to know what steps it needed to do to stay healthy tonsils.

Tonsils are organs that function to filter bacteria and other foreign agents from the body. If the tonsils can work optimally, the body will be protected from bacterial or viral infection.

The University of Texas Medical Branch said that technically the tonsils are lymph nodes that are formed during the third month of pregnancy. It lies between the mouth and throat, the tonsils are gradually be enlarged up to a certain age.

If the tonsils are infected with either bacteria or a virus then it will swell known as tonsillitis sympstoms. These infections can come from germs are inhaled while breathing. If the inflammation that occurs in chronic tonsillitis, the doctor will usually perform surgical tonsillitis removal.

There are several precautions that can be done to keep the tonsils in order to stay healthy and protected from viral or bacterial infection:
  • Try to always wash hands with soap and running water for them reduces the risk of infection. Clean hands before eating and after completion of the bathroom, thereby reducing germs that enter the body.

  • Get used to always drink a glass personal use and does not vary with others, try to avoid sharing items such as cups, spoons or forks with others.

  • Try to avoid people being exposed to strep throat to reduce the risk of infection from outside the body.

  • Consult a physician may feel pain in the throat or experience swelling in the neck. The sooner the infection is treated; it will keep the area from further damage.

  • Replace your toothbrush after every experience sore throat or swollen tonsils.

  • Try to consume enough water, and avoid foods or drinks that can stimulate irritants such as foods or beverages that are too hot, cold, sour or spicy.

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